The DearMamma Film

The DearMamma film is part of the DearMamma campaign for breast cancer awareness.

The film collects the voices of women living with breast cancer in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Starting Point was a workshop at the Dead Sea with Jewish, Muslim and Christian women. From there we moved on and talked to doctors, nurses and husbands.

The film is available in various languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Hebrew. We offer different versions serving your needs and interests (MINI - 15 min, MIDI - 30 min, FULL - 45 min). Join us on our journey...

How the story began

Our story began at the Dead Sea, where a group of Jewish, Christian and Muslim women came together to discuss their experiences with breast cancer. These brave women were joined by other women and doctors around the world who wanted to give hope to their sisters and share their stories and knowledge.

Join us as we explore their journeys, their pain and their dreams for the future.

MINI version

MIDI version

FULL version